A dry spell

So as mentioned in my last post I’ve been dealing with some pretty heavy stuff and in turn my ‘high-flying’ dating life has came across its very own dry spell.

Personally for me this hasn’t been the worse thing in the world as these days each date can sometimes become a carbon copy of the one before, so it’s been nice having some time off from the dating scene honestly.

Right now I’m not sure if I’m even there yet to venture back out into the man mill, as I don’t think I’ve finished working on myself yet and this is the subject I wanted to touch upon today.

Its very cliche to say ‘you have to love yourself first before anyone else will love you’ but it is one hundred percent true. No one will like you if you don’t like yourself. Without even knowing we all let off ‘vibes’ whether it be in our body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, or just general saucy sarcasm as in my case. These vibes let everyone that comes into contact with us gage their own opinion of us, which of course they are entitled to. But that opinion may have several flaws, if the vibes we are letting off are results of demons we may be battling at the time.

Therefore its crucial we work on ourselves to be the best, most content version of ourselves before we let people gage an opinion that reflects any other version but the former.

Im not there yet, but I don’t feel bad, I know when I do¬†eventually get there it would have been worth that wait!





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