High standards

Having standards when it comes to relationships can be a positive and a negative. It’s a good thing to set yourself standards as it shows you know what you want when it comes to men and relationships, but it can also lead you to ignore guys that might just be right for you.

I have plenty of standards that I try to stick to when dating such as: good job, good looks, sense of humour, independent, caring, no mummy’s boys, no men that wear tracksuits and trainers every day of their lives, the list goes on.

I’ll be the first to admit that most of my standards are superficial, but girls will be girls and we want what we want.

I tend to be attracted to a certain type of man, but what if the man that was right for me did wear tracksuits and loved their Mums with all their heart, would I simply put him in the friend zone due to my ‘standards’. I can’t answer that question all I know ultimately I just want someone who knows which songs not to talk over.


Im just a simple girl and when it comes to love and  I don’t think any of us ask for much, just simple, sweet love.


One thought on “High standards

  1. As someone who lowered my standards the first time, I encourage people to stand firm on their standards and let go of preferences. My preference was brown eyes, but that is not something of importance. What is important is that this person have character, faith, and knows what he (in your case) wants. I saw too many “red flags” when I entered my first marriage. She resented my call to ministry and admitted that I was an easy way to get out of her parents’ house. Thirteen years later, she admitted that she had been having a relationship with another man for the last three years and wanted to leave me and marry him. I am now married to a woman who is full of faith and loves God. Don’t let preferences get in the way, but also do not negotiate character and the things that really matter.


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