Is there ever a good time to be single?

I ask myself this question on the worst possible day….Valentines Day!!!!

I believe all singletons feel the pressure on today more than most. Today is the day your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat feeds light up in red roses and pink hearts. You are profoundly reminded that you are ALONE and SINGLE today and it leaves me wondering is there ever a good time to be single?

Last night I was laying in my bed watching another explosive episode of ‘Dance Moms’ (Yes I’m aware what a thrilling social life I have). All of a sudden I heard a loud scratching sound coming from the ceiling. Now, being a horror movie enthusiast I instantly jumped to the conclusion of this noise being the result of a demon spirit coming to possess me. It left me very uneasy and I looked through my phone book searching for someone to call to console my freakish paranoia. It suddenly dawned on me, it was 1am and the only male I could call was an old booty call and as you can imagine this left me feeling very alone .   The noise and my fear soon subsided but it left me with a different feeling, a feeling of need, a need for someone, who I don’t know? Just someone to be around in times of need. I put this feeling down to the looming Valentines day.

Waking up with a clear unobstructed by alcohol head, I soon realised how wrong of me it was to feel that way I did the night before. Im an independent 20 something, not so ugly woman. I have a good career, great friends and family and I’m well on the way to becoming the person I want to be and I’ve done this all by myself, with no man to aid me. And with this thought I soon began to feel extremely proud of myself. Yes men have played various roles in my life so far, teaching me lessons I probably needed to learn, but  everything I have at present I have worked for myself. Im not ruling out love, but as of right now, for me, it is one hell of a good time to be single!

Yours truly



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