FWB aka ‘friends with benefits’ as I’m sure any woman will tell you is a dangerous game and those who act nonchalant about the matter are bold face liars.

I’ve had my fair share of FWB arrangements in my time and do not remember any of them fondly. Of course the easy access sex whenever you want is great but that is pretty much the only detail I care to recall with any great passion.

But and there is always a but: lines soon become blurry and you lose sight of why you really began this arrangement in the first place, you dream up reasons as to why your perfect for one another and you long to be the ‘exception’ to the rule.

Let me explain…

The rule: Never sleep with a guy on the first date as you will only ever be the girl that put out on the first date!

The exception: You sleep with a guy on the first date he calls you the next day for a second date and you eventually become the most happiest and charming couple that ever walked the earth.

Now the rule that applies to FWB is as follows:

The rule: Friends with benefits relationships can only ever be that, neither party will fall for the other and no feelings should ever come from this arrangement as it is strictly convenient and sexual only!

The exception: FWB arrangement turns into the most happiest and charming couple that ever walked the earth.

Some call this the exception and being the pessimist that I am, well I call it delusion at its highest form of intensity.

And with that being said I was no exception to this self professed rule of delusion. I like many others allowed feelings to flow through me that I told myself I had never felt for anybody else with my last FWB.

It was so exciting in the beginning, now I can’t say that we had a strong friendship foundation but my god did we have great sex! That being the main element of the arrangement and the culprits way with words I allowed myself to fall into the trap of thinking ‘maybe we could be more’. Needless to say you know how that ended up.

With all being said I have made a vow to myself that that will be the last friends with benefits arrangement I ever partake in!!!!





2 thoughts on “FWB

  1. All your pieces make me remember my youth–sometimes with a smile and sometimes it keeps me thinking. If I’d known then what I know now…how things would be so different.


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