So there’s this boy

Don’t all good ‘love’ stories start with that sentence, however this is not what one would call your typical ‘love story’. I would call it more something along the lines of a friends with benefit setup, with some added blurred lines thrown in for good measure.

So let’s start with his name, for all intense and purpose we shall call him ‘James’. We met off a dating site some may be familiar with, the name of it I will not disclose due to girl paranoia problems. As I was saying we met on a dating site about a year ago and arranged to meet the same day (spontaneous and dangerous I know, but I was having a ‘you only live once moment’). I met him in a pub close to his house, we hit it off and he invited me back to his place for a nightcap. The conversation was flowing, he was interesting, charming, a bit taller than me, brown hair, blue eyes, well presented and seemed like a nice young gentleman. We spoke about our jobs, family, friends all the general first meet-up chit-chat. He was a breath of fresh air amongst the pungent men I would usually meet. It was all going so well…

Let me explain now that I had NO and I mean ZERO intentions of sleeping with this man. Every girl knows that sleeping with someone on the first date is a SERIOUS no go! But something happened, whilst we were casually sipping wine and talking on his sofa. James got up and walked over to a piano in the corner of the living room, that I had absolutely failed to notice upon entering his place. He placed himself ever so gracefully on the seat and invited me to come and sit next to him, insisting he wanted to play me something. Now I had no idea he could even play, the topic of musical instruments never cropped up in our ‘tell me about yourself’ chats. Like most girls I’m a sucker for a guy that plays an instrument but that is pretty limited to either a guitar, drums or a piano, so upon sitting down next to him I could literally feel my googly eyes enlarging!

He began to play, his fingers skillfully caressing the black and white keys. The tune hit me and converted me back into a small child looking at posters of 90’s pop-stars, longingly wishing they would pick me out in a crowd and marry me. I was utterly in awe watching him and embarrassingly turned on. He was playing the ‘fish tank song’ from Romeo and Juliet( Leo Dicap version) otherwise known as ‘Kissing you’ by Des’ree.


It could just be me, but I knew then and there I was going to sleep with him, I do believe any girl in my position wouldn’t have been able to resist either.

Upon finishing he turned to me and kissed me ever so delicately, clasping the side of my neck. I couldn’t resist I pulled away and went in for an almighty shameful game of tonsil tennis. He then took my hand and led me to the bedroom, he pushed me down on the bed, forceful was not a side I’d anticipated with him, but it was a pleasant surprise. He pulled out a blue tie from his top chest of drawers. I have no idea what he is doing as I’m vanilla experienced in the bedroom department. He didn’t say a thing, walked towards me and gently lifted my arms above my head and tied them together, he instructs me to keep them there. Very 50 shades, but I was so blinded with excitement I couldn’t speak. You know what happens next…

I had the best sex of my life that night.


to be continued….



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